Frederiksholm Canal in Copenhagen Panorama

Wednesday we had one of those weird Spring days where the weather goes from sunshine to rain to hail storms back to sunshine. The sky cleared about an hour before sunset but still had a layer of humidity and you get this fantastic soft warm light that you will not see on any other day.  There were only a few clouds about so I scouted for the best composition to include the warm red and orange sky and this strange otherworldly soft light.

I found my shot at Frederiksholm Canal in the inner city and here’s the result and the latest panorama release in my Copenhagen collection (click to see large):

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Frederiksholm Canal Panorama
Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

As you can see the sun is just behind the buildings to the right and it’s not normally a good time to shoot this location with almost all of the buildings in deep shadows. But due to the soft warm colours of the light on this particular evening the exposure could be controlled, keeping most of the highlights and shadows in a single exposure and some fill light in RAWshooter brought back shadow detail. This is a stitched panorama of 6 vertical shots at 23mm using the 17-40mm f/4.0 L lens and PTgui did a perfect job stitching it. The finishing touch was the use of LAB colour space in Photoshop to get exactly the glow and look I wanted by soft light blending in a lab colour layer. As you know I am not interested in reality at all, I am interested in creating an expression of what I felt and saw when I shot the scene and I am also trying to create my own unique style.

I am very pleased with the result, what d’ya reckon?

7 responses to “Frederiksholm Canal in Copenhagen Panorama

  1. What a lovely picture! We are two Australians (I was born in Copenhagen) and hope to be living on one of the boats on Frederiksholm in August – hope it’s as nice as your photo suggests!

  2. Thanks Tom! The house boats are around the corner to the left at the end of the canal in my photo. I can’t promise you light like this every night but it’s a great place!

  3. stunning photo mate, will be a classic in time, it already has that sense of nostalgia about it. I am adding a link to your site from my blog, think your work will be admired by many Aussies.

  4. Thanks very much Christian, I really appreciate that mate!!

  5. Nice shot. I have now subscribed to your blog so it will join the many I read.

    Was that the old apply image lab colour trick you are talking about?



  6. Hi James and thanks! Yeah it’s the old apply image trick soft light blended at around 30% in this case I think and used the a channel (can’t really remember though)

  7. Yeah I love that trick. Great for realistic colour boost.

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