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Wyadup Rocks at sunrise

Sunrises. They can be flat and a pastel coloured version of boring. They can be beautiful. They just seem to happen at really inconvenient hours! Yeah I sound like a crybaby but seriously, I will never be a fan of getting up at 4.45am to catch a sunrise on the South West coast of Australia. Too bloody early for me. Unless the particular location has a coffee maker. Enough rambling. Glad I did the sunrise in Dunsborough. Me and my friend Signe met Christian Fletcher and True North Mark at Wyadup Rocks at 5.30am for a sunrise shoot. Them in their white 4WDs. We in our white rental Toyota Corolla (somewhat red after some dirt roads, please do not tell rental company!). We are ready!

Wyadup rocks proves a really nice location, lots of fun rocks to play with composition wise and some nice waves crashing ashore to stand in! I like to get up and close with the elements, so spend most of the time standing in the waves – getting soaked and also trying my best to get in the way of Mark and Christian shots! We had a fun sunrise shoot but the light was ordinary and I reckon the following image is the best of my not all that great sunrise shots. I like the wave action here and the view to pastel coloured infinity, Wyadup rocks pointing the way.

Wyadup Rocks sunrise - blog

And finally; my friend shot an image of me – I am in front – and Christian Fletcher – standing in the back – (I am sure SuperMark was off rock climbing somewhere!) at Wyadup. Thanks guys, was great fun!

 FBJ and Christian Fletcher -blog

Now; the following day I went back for sunset shots and that was another league altogether, off the scale – more to come!

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

At the South West point of Western Australia you find the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse. We had a beautiful afternoon down at the rocks on the other side of the point basking in the sun and the sound of the waves. This one is from after the sunset on our way back to the backpackers. Some beautiful dusk light creating a nice glow in the atmosphere.

Cape Leeuwin lighthouse - blog

Road Trips Rocks!

14 days, 2000 kms of great experiences and a new love for some fantastic locations in the south west of Western Australia. We went from Perth down the coast, round Cape Leeuwin to Denmark back to Dunsborough and up the coast again. Met up with Christian and Mike Fletcher and True North Mark in Dunsborough as well, and did a few great shoots together. Great to catch up guys!

I am presently in steamy hot sweaty and beautiful Broome in the tropical North West of Australia and now with some time to fight my way through my inbox and start uploading a few images as well. Stay tuned.

To all my fellow bloggers, my google reader tells me I have 629 unread items so I am somewhat behind on commenting. I doubt I will ever get up to date again, so I do apologise for missing a lot of posts and images from you! Having a lot of fun with offline life without internet though, very very good to cut down heavily on online life!

From Denmark to Denmark

Last weekend I woke up on True North Mark’s boat moored at Rottnest Island. This weekend I woke up in Denmark! The town of Denmark that is, on the Southern coast of Western Australia, not the country of Denmark presently buried in snow and arctic temperatures. Presently I much prefer this Denmark, even if it is slightly cold at 28 sunny degrees or so. We had a beautiful day yesterday swimming at Madfish Bay yesterday and a gorgeous (Mark, it went fucking off!) sunset at Green’s Pool!

My dear friend Signe and I are halfway through a great South Western Australia road trip which has presently brought us to Denmark. We have had fun, strange and amazing experiences in the form of a mix of Mother Nature, strange backpacker travellers and backpacker hostels! More stories and images to come, internet access is scarce here at all the hostels and anyway; internet is very low on my priorities presently, good to kick the habit a bit and try some offline life as well!

Weather has been really weird for a Summer in Western Australia. Bunbury turned out to be much warmer and sunnier than Perth. But then we have also had some cloudy cold Winter-like days where the sun was nowhere to be seen and I even needed a sweater and jeans one day. Shocking and very displeased with the weather gods! Good thing Broome and the tropics is next on the menu.

We had some awesome light and clouds at places like Hamelin Bay, Cape Leuwin, Conspicuous Cliffs and Green’s Pool here in Denmark. Really got back into shooting again as Mother Nature has kindly provided some amazing cloudscapes and sunsets for me re-igniting my passion! Here is a very quick and rough developed shot from incredible clouds at Conspicuous Cliffs at Walpole from a few days ago. There was practically no wind and it was a very special afternoon.

Walpole Conspicuous Point - blog

On the return trip we are doing Dunsborough and all the locations in that area. Also saying hello to that oh what is his name, Fletch something, that WA photographer up there with the crooked horizons 🙂 More to come.

Rottnest Island – and South West WA

I spent a fantastic weekend on Rottnest Island with True North Mark ( and hope to be able to post pictures soon! You dear readers must have a bit of patience though, me and my friend are now on a South West WA road trip, so I am online very little – all good things to those who wait!

Kuala Lumpur – city and the jungle

I am writing this from Perth, Western Australia. I am sitting on the balcony at a friend’s house in the suburb of Scarborough. I am overlooking the Indian ocean, flexing it’s muscles with heavy wind and large waves crashing the shore. A few days ago my view of the world was the Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur, sitting on a balcony in the Kuala Lumpur suburb of Ampang. One week ago, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Life can be like that, a quick jumps around the world where the soul is still stuck in transit waiting to catch up. My soul is learning fast to catch up though. When I boarded the plane for Perth it was flight number 13 in the past two months. No wonder I do get slightly tired of airports.

The suburb of Ampang in Kuala Lumpur feels perhaps on first sight a little constructed, a little like a Legoland. Like a reverse Truman Show where only Truman knows everything is fake. But settle in and it is a rather spectacular place, from my friend’s flat we have a view of the twin towers from the balcony and behind us on the other side of the building we can literally reach out and touch the jungle. Ampang is one of the greenest suburbs you will ever see. Most of the time it is so quiet you only hear the birds and the jungle. A 5 minute walk from my friend’s flat and we are in ancient pristine jungle. Not many suburbs where one can do that! I snapped this snapshot on my new compact Canon powershot S90 camera from a walk in the jungle just behind our building. KL actually has a nice skyline at night and someday I will find a great spot for a cityscape. I think they overdid the light on the Twin Towers at night though, they shine like Christmas ornaments and the light pollution is so great it lights up the whole sky over KL!


  • Space Monkeys on the balconies! Since my last visit to the Menara Indah apartment building in KL, they have cut down a few branches so the cheeky monkeys cannot just wander straight from the jungle onto the roof. Still. There are always the drain pipes, great fun for monkeys to climb! They then proceed to wreck havoc on the balconies, even going into peoples living room and stealing shiny things – which are then promptly flung out the window so the monkeys can climb down and recover the loot on the ground! It is entertainment all morning watching the space monkeys.
  • Photography wise I have been a bit short on inspiration and creativity since the magnificent mountains and children of Laos. What I am discovering is that on a normal photography trip everything is so condensed, I shoot like crazy, and then I go back to everyday life. But this is now everyday life for me. So there will be longer periods between shoots, longer time between magic moments as I adjust to my new life on the road as everyday life somehow also came along for the ride and demands time as well. I am sure inspiration will bounce back soon, just did not quite count on having everyday life following me!