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I love to share my knowledge about photography and learn from other photographers; I try and inject a bit of my experiences and how I work in every post. I do sometimes write more tutorial oriented posts, and on this page you’ll find a link collection of these:

Two Toned World Strikes Back
My 3rd tutorial on black and white conversions; this time a detailed tutorial on using Lightroom or Camera RAW to convert colour to black and white or duotoned.

Improved colours in Lightroom and Camera Raw
Get the colour profiles from Adobe Labs and get much improved colours!

My gear for a photo trip
What do I bring on a photo trip.

Return of the Two Toned World
More black and white photography and tips on how to convert to black and white and do gorgeous black and white prints.

Perfecting your stitched panoramas
I show you step by step how I use PTgui to create stitched panoramas.

Two Toned World
Black and white photography and how to convert colour photos to black and white.

Sydney Harbour painted with light
Post processing in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet

One desert for me please!
Deserts! How to shoot photos in them and how not to die doing it!

Shooting stitched panoramas
How to shoot a stitched panorama, focusing on the shooting.

Shooting Cropped Panoramas
How to shoot a successful cropped panorama

Hold on! Photographing from aircrafts!
Shoot from the air? I recommend reading this! (and holding on!)

Shoot photos high and low
A few tips on shooting photos either on the ground or way above ground!

Traveling Photographer – my office on the road
Not a tutorial as such, but showing you my gear on the road.

Photographing whales
How to photograph whales from a boat and not fall out!