Photographic Vision

My images are often in a panoramic format as this is how I see the world. I like my images to have an open and timeless composition where the imagination is free to wander and the viewer is unaware of both the camera and the photographer’s position. My way of creating an otherworldly look and feel to my images ensures that there is nothing familiar to take you out of the image and back to everyday reality. I am particularly attracted to wide open spaces and see a deep ethereal beauty in remote, desolate, arid places. I hope you will experience the same beauty and be captivated by nature through my eyes.

Equipment and software

I use the full frame Canon 5D Mk II DSLR camera and various Canon L lenses. I shoot in RAW format and use Adobe Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4 to develop images. Digital photography and the digital darkroom are incredibly powerful and fascinating but like all tools they have to be used carefully.

I use digital post production to make my photos more accurately reflect the scene as I saw it, felt it, and experienced it. In digital post production I do what has always been done in traditional darkrooms: I adjust exposure, saturation, white balance, correct any colour cast, do dodging and burning, and add contrast. I do not modify the visible content of the scene; I do not add or remove content like clouds, cars, people, animals or people. I simply modify the look to make it more accurately reflect the scene and hopefully evoke an emotional response from the viewer, bringing the viewer into the image.

Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

All of my photos are for sale through my company Flemming Bo Jensen Photography. I run a professional photography company delivering high quality prints and files and I am also available for assignments anywhere in the world.

I am proud to have many supplied satisfied customers around the world with images and successfully completed photography assignments for clients. Customer needs and satisfaction are paramount to us. Prints and image files can easily be shipped worldwide so if you see something you like then do contact me. I am still able to deliver prints and files, even when I am travelling. I can provide prints and posters on paper or canvas or an image file prepared for your website, magazine, book, publication, advertisement etc. More information on prints and pricing on my website