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Walkabout Copenhagen

Lesson no. 1 in photography: Always bring your camera! Your chances of shooting an actual photo increases greatly!

Last Friday night on my way to the cinema. I walk along the lakes in Copenhagen listening to music on my ipod all the time staring a hole in the sky. Suddenly the elements come together and brings me to a sudden stop. The special warm contre-jour light of the setting sun, the reflection in the perfectly still water of Lake Peblinge (very rarely is the water that still) and the clouds which are sort of mirrored by patterns made by weed in the lake. I attach an ND grad filter and wait for the sun to fall behind a cloud so it doesn’t overpower the scene and burn out the sky and I shoot about a dozen shots. I chose this (click to see large):

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Sortedam Dossering and Lake Peblinge Sunset Panorama
Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

A bit of Rawshooter and Photoshop post production (some painting with light, some LAB colour treatment and some vignetting) completed the photo. I didn’t want to brighten the buildings too much, just a subtle effect, it still has to look like an against the light shot.

I love it when I finally get a shot I’ve had planned in my head for months or perhaps years. But there’s also something really cool and creative about a spontaneous walkabout shot! Just remember that camera. Does make it easier!