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Ipod touch for photographers

I’ve had a super nasty flu-like virus for more than a week now so haven’t been able to do anything productive. I very rarely get sick but this virus got the better of me. Good thing that I now own an Ipod Touch so I can surf the net and listen to – and buy – music lying flat on my back on my sofa!

Flemming Bo Jensen Photography on the Ipod Touch Safari Mobile browser:

FBJ on IpodTouch

I love music and now own 4 different Ipods (the mini which I don’t use anymore, the nano, the shuffle and the touch which I do use all 3). I first had a look at this beauty in Sydney back in October and it’s amazing I held out so long before buying one. It is simply another masterpiece from Apple, the touch navigation is absolute incredible and an engineering slice of magic.

Ipod touch for photographers

Well as much as you would like you can’t store your photos on this device and use it as a portable hd and viewer in the field. Would be cool with an external hd and card reader that plugged in the data port of the Ipod Touch but we’ll never see that. Remember, this is Apple, they do not think anything but Apple software and hardware exists in the world! The screen quality is great, very sharp and bright. As for displaying your photos on this baby the screen actually has fairly accurate colours, it’s a bit under-saturated and bluish (too cold white balance) but still excellent especially for this sort of device. Definitely much better colours than most laptops!

I also plan to use my Ipod Touch as a portfolio-in-my-pocket device! I will create a portfolio of the very best of my shots, edit, sharpen and saturate them for the ipod touch screen and voila…instant portfolio on the go in my pocket everywhere I go!