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Website updates and new biography

I recently did quite a few updates on my website, new features are:

  • New elaborate About page featuring statement, vision, biography and equipment. Thanks to my friend Signe for helping with the writing. Text is also used on the About page here on my blog.
  • New Namibia gallery online, new images are currently being added every day.
  • New header image featuring Deadvlei from Namibia
  • New front page layout with a News text column
  • New slideshow images with more to come

Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

The website was developed by me but designed by my friend Gudrun at Geeart.com, check out her new site! The changes on the front page and the new header image is all me though, so don’t blame her. I know she is in Namibia tearing out her hair seeing what I did to the joint! It is just a temp solution! This is the last of the major updates to my current website. My current site is hosted at the picture host Pbase.com and while it has served me well for many years and Pbase ensures many hits; you can only hack very simple html and css into the Pbase pages. In the coming months I intend to get a 100% custom site developed as I want many new features including an integrated shopping cart and much easier management of the site(s). It may end up as several sites or sub-sites as I need to separate the fine art images and the stock images. Anyway that is for the future, for now enjoy www.flemmingbojensen.com in it’s present form.

Updates, design tweaks and RAW housecleaning!

I’ve done a lot of “house cleaning and painting” lately on my blog:

  • I did a few design tweaks trying to match the blog design as much as possible to my gallery web design.
  • I updated the About, Photography, Buy Photos and Australia pages (see top menu).
  • I added a lot of photography links to photographers I admire and good photography websites – see links in the left bar, scroll down a bit.
  • I added a new page about Copenhagen, my home city where my My Copenhagen photo mission unfolds. See top menu.

I also added a new page with my Travelog to the top menu. This page is an easy way to access my travel stories in a chronological order. I tend to write a lot when I travel (lot’s of time to write when waiting for the light and lots of experiences to write about) but 23 posts written while travelling in Australia in 2007 surprised even me, I certainly was a prolific writer! I have a tonnes of older travel stories but don’t know if I’ll ever find the time to post them, I’m working on photography around the clock 🙂

I am also presently going through the more than three thousand RAW files from the 10 weeks in Australia 2007 one last time. It’s the last and final archive run-through making sure every keeper shot has been converted to tiff and all shots are catalogued etc. I’m far from done, but have found a few goodies that wasn’t online before, stuff like:

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Pandanus Trees Panorama
Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Dunk Island Dusk Panorama
Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

It’s all part of “house cleaning” before the next photography trip! Getting itchy travel feet, I gotta go again soon and am presently planning. Need more photos, more desert, more outback landscape and some more helicopter flights!  😀

Btw – it’s obvious to me when going through the files that fatigue both mentally and physically does set in on a 10 week photo odyssey. At some point the extraordinary becomes ordinary and there are some of the locations that are exceptional on their own but my photos are not and I didn’t shoot enough compositions either. It’s hard to arrive with “fresh eyes” to a location and really work the landscape when you’ve been travelling a long time, something I have to remember the next time (gotta figure out a “refresh eyes” function!)

New blog design

You may already have noticed something is different. The look of my blog here on WordPress.com is being changed to reflect the new design of my Photography website. I’m not done yet, so I’m sorry things are going to be a bit messy here while we get the whole bloody shed painted 😀

I’m still using the Cutline theme but I have purchased the CSS add-on here on WordPress.com so I can customize. As you can tell, you actually get a lot of control over the theme, very cool.

I’ll get back to blogging about photography very soon, just haven’t had the time this past week with the website launch, work + an exploding motherboard…stay tuned and while you wait for me to get into a writing mode again you can escape the gray Scandinavian winter by clicking on this thumbnail of Tropical North Queensland bliss:

Click to see large size on my gallery!

New logo and web design is now online!

After two months of work I am now very happy to be able to present my new logo and new website design! All design work was done by the amazing Gudrun Eckleben of Gee Art in Sydney –  the html and css was done by yours truly. Waste no time, click this thumbnail of the front page to visit my new gallery!

Click to see large size on my gallery!

More information about the design

The aim of the design is to have a very clean and effective professional looking stylesheet where every single element on the page has been carefully styled.  It’s all about my photos so the design and the colours are not overpowering but presents my photography in the best possible way. Hopefully it also gives you the impression of a professional company!

The front page is designed to fit completely on a 1024×768 screen (still the most used resolution although 1280×1024 is catching up). The centrepiece of the front page is my logo and a big slideshow.

To keep the front page clean the thumbnails for all galleries has been moved to a  main gallery page – click Galleries in menu bar to access or use one of the 3 thumbnails on the left.

The layout is entirely CSS based – no tables, (except for the Pbase slideshow function which automatically adds a table) and along the way I learned a lot about CSS (and ended up hating IE even more!) and how to ‘hack’ the Pbase stylesheets to no end! I didn’t want to move away from Pbase.com because it is such a great community and it is also extremely good exposure (National Geographics have spotted and bought photos on Pbase so you never know!)

I recommend Firefox – using IE it just wasn’t possible to get the gallery pages looking 100% like I wanted it and how it looks in Firefox, Safari etc. – so use Firefox and get the true version!

The logo

My new logo is a very important part of the design and the identity of my business:

Click to see large size on my gallery!

The font chosen is Kozuka and Japanese (I have a thing for Japanese simple-living design) and the idea of the logo graphic is to combine the two areas I focus on and love as a photographer:

  • landscape (the domes of Kata Tjuta in the Australian red centre)
  • cityscape (what else – Søtorvet in Copenagen)


I am extremely happy with what we have achieved. Let me know what you think of the design and logo, I’m sure we’ll do some tweaks (actually there are still a few tweaks to be done) at some point and I’d love your opinion.

And a big thank you to Gudrun of Gee Art for all the super work!


Can I just say how much I bloody hate the worst browser in the world otherwise known as Internet Explorer. So many bugs, such little regard for standards. Like any other web programmer I get my css looking just like I want it in Firefox (and Safari) and then discover that IE renders the whole bloody thing completely different because of box-model css bugs etc. so you have to code a truckload of css hacks just for IE…and of course IE6 have bugs different to IE7! I hate IE and wish everyone used Firefox!

The largest Australia gallery in the galaxy is online

I presently have a designer working on the whole front page and logo design etc. of my web, while I’m working on the structure, layout and styling of the gallery and image pages (I certainly got better at html and css this past month) – and I’m selling some photos at the same time, hey things are good.

This week I have been working hard on finalizing the structure, layout and design of the Australia section of my gallery, and I am now ready to present what is one of the largest – and best of course! – Australia galleries on the entire web (click the thumbnail) :  

The Australia Galleries of Flemming Bo Jensen Photography:

Australia Gallery of Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Some of the work done on my Australia gallery includes:

  • House cleaning, deleted a lot of old photos. Gone are the holiday snapshots, only the strong survive so to speak.
  • New structure based on places and themes. I have so many photos from Australia I had to invent a big structure to present the photos in smaller galleries hopefully making it easier to browse and navigate and find what you like.
  • New gallery header image, gallery description on every single gallery.
  • Best of Australia” gallery showing a small selection of the very best of my Australia photos. Still a bit work-in-progress, I almost need someone else to do this. They’re my beloved Australia photos and deeply connected to the experiences of shooting them so I have a hard time selecting “the best”. All the photos in the “Best of” are not half bad though.
  • Panoramas of Australia gallery showcasing my Australia panoramas. As some of you readers will know I love the panorama format (anything at 2:1 or wider) and this is a special gallery using large thumbnails to better present these wide shots.
  • Map of Australia gallery showing you all of the galleries placed geographically on a large clickable map of Australia. You can click the thumbnails on the map to visit the gallery.
  • Animals of Australia gallery. That is still very much work in progress though, I have so many photos that still need to be developed from RAW and added here.

There are still many photos from my recent trip to be added, you can keep up to date by checking my What’s New gallery every day.

Like the Australian Tourism ad says: Where the bloody hell are ya? Go take a tour down under in my Australia gallery!

Let me know what you think of the new Australia galleries. My Copenhagen gallery will get the same treatment soon I think.

(…oh and alright then, ok, there are possibly, just maybe, much larger Australia galleries online in the galaxy somewhere – but I needed a catchy headline!)

Shoot photos high and low

I’ve loaded the 3108 Australia RAW files in Rawshooter Premium on my graphical workstation at home (oh how nice is it to work again on a super fast PC with 24inch widescreen monitor) and very slowly started to go through them all. It is heaps of fun and will take a really long time; every photo triggers many great stories and memories! I like it that way, should keep the trip replaying in my head for a very long time.

I’ve processed and added a few new Australia photos, and there are two good examples of shooting high and low!

Shoot low

When using a wide angle lens (in this case the 17-40mm f/4.0 L) it’s a great idea to lie down on the ground to really create a dramatic view. Here’s me in the dirt (I am a farmer boy and like getting dirty) in Hawk Dreaming area of Kakadu shooting low (and click to see large size):

Click to see large size on my gallery!

Shoot high

If there’s a scenic flight available – sell your left kidney and go for it! It is the only way to capture some of nature’s marvelous mega creations like Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Shooting from a helicopter or small plane is challenging, I will do a separate post on this someday because there are quite a few tips to follow to try and maximise your changes of getting a good shot and I’ve done it enough times to have learned quite a bit.
Here I am shooting the 500 meter tall domes of Kata Tjuta and actually I got Uluru as well – you can just see it in the background far away on the horizon (click for large size as always):

Click to see large size on my gallery!

New Australia galleries on my web

I no longer update my “Australia 2007 photo odyssey” gallery, it will exist for a bit longer but it was a temp gallery for the trip. All the photos from that gallery have been copied to the new Australia galleries.

New Australia photos will be uploaded to my What’s New gallery and at the same time copied to the relevant Australia gallery.

…now, gotta look for that graphical designer, need a logo that looks professional and not like amateur hour!

New design on my website

Well…not entirely new design, “slightly altered design with new elements” may be a more fitting but also a less interesting headline I reckon.

I redesigned the header graphic and added a menu with links that should make it easier for visitors to find my blog, profile, email etc. I’m very happy that Pbase allows html in the header so we can customise our pages. And I’m very happy that http://www.w3schools.com/ exists for those of us who can’t quite remember the entire syntax for a table definition!

Have a look, let me know if you like it: http://www.flemmingbojensen.dk/

If you’re a Pbase user, feel free to use my css or part of it if you like it – just remember to credit me 🙂