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Photography RSS feeds in a bundle

Google reader Photography blogs are an incredibly exciting way of keeping up to date with news and the works of other artists. Always hungry for new inputs I can hardly get enough feeds. Once you follow more than a few blogs you need a RSS feed reader. I have been using Google Reader for years to follow  feeds on photography, travel news, tech, personal blogs etc.

Google Reader allows you to share items and bundles of blogs that you follow. Click to view my Google Reader shared page. Right now there is just my Photography bundle, this is a bundle 53 of the photography blogs I follow. You can preview or add the bundle to your Google Reader if you like. It is a bundle of great photographers, news and review sites and some truly brilliant and inspirational news photo blogs like The Big Picture from The Boston Globe.

I am always looking for quality photography and travel blogs so feel free to post your links! I especially would love more African photography blogs to follow. Enjoy the great world of feed reading, beware as it is addictive!


RSS feeds of my recent photos

Pbase.com (where I host my pictures) added feeds today, fantastic new feature. The column on the right now has a RSS widget with links to my 5 latest pictures (unfortunately they don’t open in a new window, is that possible with the rss widget?).

If you like the feed links for my recent photos and galleries, here they are for now:

Recent gallery updates: http://feeds.pbase.com/feeds/flemmingbo/galleries.atom
Recent photo uploads: http://feeds.pbase.com/feeds/flemmingbo/photos.atom