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Rock music from "a land down under"

Powderfinger & Silverchair on tour together A post – not about photography for a change – but about my favorite Australian bands. Australian music you say? What, stuff like “I come from a land down under” by Men at Work? Yeah but there’s heaps more besides the internationally known stuff like AC/DC (the ultimate classic rock act I reckon), Nick Cave, Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia etc – read on!

MJ Thriller I love music, absolutely love it. I listen to music practically every moment I am awake. I love going to concerts (although I don’t get to go as often as I’d like). Music is life! Music is the answer! I have gone through lots of different phases where I listen to one genre, but the recent years I’ve listened to really a bit of everything I am just extremely picky about what I like. 90% of all new music is shit (the computerized vocal of Rihannah is the most annoying sound in the world!) but then 90% of everything is shit (or shithouse as Aussies say). These days I mostly listen to rock (indie, melodic and also a bit harder), electronica, pop (if there’s such a genre anymore) and indie. I grew up in the 80s which means that Michael Jackson (say what you want about him but Thriller is the best album of all time), Depeche Mode and U2 are my all time fave artists in that order. These days bands like Powderfinger, Mew, Blue Foundation, Death Cab for Cutie, Trentemøller and Snow Patrol gets played heaps!

I’ll just briefly interrupt this with a little plug for my cousin Søren’s band from Copenhagen, please check out his band The Black Volts !

Naturally I tend to listen to a fair bit of Australian music especially when I’m here. You get all the latest worldwide radio hits here as well but apart from that rock music in all forms does really well, I think better than most places in the world and there are a lot of great Australian rock acts. Enough of the talk, here’s some Aussie rock and indie recommendations. I’ve linked to their Myspace (even though I hate myspace.com) pages so you can easily have a listen.

powderfinger Powderfinger – Australias biggest band presently and easily one of my all time favorites. Some say they’re sorta the U2 of Australia, but there’s a reason for that: They’re brilliant! The latest 3 albums (Odyssey No. 5, Vulture Street and Dreamy Days at Hotel Existence) are quite different and each have a theme – so start off by getting all the latest 3 cds! Singer Bernard Fanning has also done a solo album, recommended as well.

Silverchair – has grown into a really great band with their very own sound. Latest stuff is very cool.

Evermore -Fantastic indie rock with big panoramic cinematic sound.

Kisschasy – good guitar driven rock, scores high points as well for actually singing with an Australian accent!

Eskimo Joe – great rock; sorta indie rock I guess.

Something for Kate – classic Australian rock band.

Butterfly Effect – Amazing sound, quite hard rock with super big widescreen cinematic sound.

 Jet – most of the world knows “are you gonna be my girl”, check out the rest of their great stuff.

There ya’ go – lots of Aussie rock acts for you to check out so get listening!


  • I have now made it to Sydney so next photography post will be about the harbour city which is as always huge, chaotic, with heaps of people everywhere – but also super gorgeous and Spring weather here is beautiful, sunny and 23-28 degrees!
  • Language watch: I’ve noticed a lot of young Aussies ending sentences with “ey” as a sort of exclamation point to the sentence; to underline it. Like “this is really good, ‘ey!”. I asked a guy working in HMV for the latest Kisschasy cd and he replied “oh you’re going to the concert tomorrow, ‘ey!” Sounds really weird, I hope it’s just a phase for them!
    The word “shithouse” is also commonly used, something really bad is not just shit, it’s shithouse. Actually I guess it would be shithouse, ey!
  • I will be back in Denmark in only two weeks. Bit strange; but then I’ve done and seen so much in so many different places down here that 21st of August seems like half a year ago to me. Fatigue is almost beginning to set in at least today I am very tired. I’ve been to so many extraordinary places and so many tours (presently I’ve had enough tours, glad to be on my own in Sydney) that the extraordinary almost becomes ordinary at some point. Also it’s quite a bit of work when you travel with photography as your job and no. 1 priority every day. I am always scouting locations, planning how to get shots; at what time of day to be there etc. I get up early to shoot in the morning light, then scout locations, relax,maybe a nap and waiting for late afternoon where I start shooting again. Then back to room with all my gear, fire up laptop and transfer all of today’s work, make back-ups etc. I love it, but it requires more energy than I have today.
    It will be good to get home, see family and friends, really start pushing my photography business (got 2500+ new photos in my library) and think about future (all ideas welcome hehe).
    So I’m alright with the fact that this photo odyssey is about to end. Anyway if it didn’t end how would a new one begin! I do wish I could take the weather home with me, hello winter-depression!