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The quintessential Outback Australia photo

One of my photographic quests is to capture the perfect Outback Australia image. My perfect Outback Australia image that is.

Outback Australia is a million different things; but for me in my perfect image in my head there are some elements that must be present: Red rock and earth, a few gum trees, spinifex grass, all bathed in golden light on a huge wide open desolate desert-like plain with a blue sky of outback clouds (you’ll know when you see them). A morning in the Kimberley area of Western Australia presented a very special moment with many of my elements present:

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Silent Grove Sunrise Panorama
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Unless you’re as obsessed with the outback as I am (is there anyone else?) I don’t know if this panorama means much but I am extremely happy with it. It is not my perfect outback image of course; but I feel it really expresses the desolate beautiful nature of the outback and has a lot of the elements I love (you see what I mean by outback clouds?). I do not like any man-made objects in my photos, but here I picked the middle of the dirt road to have a strong leading line into the image. I shot this as 8 vertical images and stitched in PTgui. Silent Grove is just the name of the camp close to Bell Gorge on the Gibb River Road; and this is basically just me having run about a kilometer down the dirt road finding an open place. The hardest part was finding a spot where I could hide the shadow of me and my tripod!

The sunrise itself was out of this world fantastic by the way; albeit a more ordinary image for me personally. I woke up at camp before dawn; saw the clouds, rolled out of my swag, grabbed my gear and sprinted down the road to find a spot. This is just me standing on the dirt road pointing the 17mm lens at the sunrise, standing next to the tripod with cable release in hand, shooting and enjoying the spectacle of nature:

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Outback Kimberley Sunrise 
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Like any quest for perfection it is futile and will never end; the perfect outback image exists only in my head (although Ken Duncan sometimes comes very close with his brilliant outback work). I will just have to keep coming back to the outback and enjoy many fun and frustrating experiences chasing perfection!

Where Sunrises Rule the World

People who used to work with me when I did IT full time will testify I am not a morning person. I don’t function well in an office before I’ve had countless coffees and an hour of sulking. The solution? Change your job to shooting sunrises!

I got up at 5am for about 3 weeks in Australia. Didn’t need an alarm clock as when you’re bush camping and dawn approaches, my internal “time to shoot” alarm simply goes off in sync with nature and I wake up. Well; you also wake up as it’s getting stinking hot and all the birds, mossies and flies wake you up as I was sleeping outside with no tent. It still feels so bloody early but as soon as I’m out there you realise it is the best time of the day. It’s the time for capturing spectacular scenes like this one:

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Hawk Dreaming Sunrise Cloudscape Panorama
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Standing at the East Alligator River (with no alligators; just crocs) at 6am watching this light show is simply mindblowing. Imagine it is 6am, 25 degrees and Mother Nature rules the world. Every single sound (apart from my camera) is orchestrated by nature; every single light ray is controlled by nature. No people, no buildings, no power lines, nothing to distract. Just 100% pure humbling power of nature taking you back to When Dinosaurs Ruled The World. Sometimes scenes are so beautiful you just want to forget about the camera, sit down wishing you could live here and hoping the future never comes. 
(oh yes there was a million mosquitoes as well, all part of the nature experience)

This is a simple stitch; it is only two very wide horizontal images shot at 17mm stitched. It is a technique I use sometimes as I feel it better preserves the extreme 17mm wide angle look compared to shooting say 8 vertical shots but the stitch still gives me a wider view than 17mm. Nature did all the work as I did very little post processing of this. I set the white balance and added a vignette and a bit of shadow detail recovery and we’re done.

I recommend getting up for every single sunrise, especially in tropical Australia. Often in the tropical bush the heat and haze of the day mixed with smoke from bushfires can result in a muted sunset. Sunrise on the other hand gets the fresh clean morning air to work with. Here; the sunrises rule the world.