In pursuit of dreams

Without dreams we have nothing. Do you dream of becoming something, do something or going somewhere? Reach out and grab it. Only you can change your world.

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There is a classic scene in HEAT where Al Pacino and Robert De Niro’s characters have coffee and discuss why they do what they do, one being a cop, one a robber. "Don’t know how to do anything else. Don’t much want do either!" they both answer. Recently it has become very clear how much I am now a photographer. Contrary to Pacino and De Niro’s characters, there are a few other things I know how to do well but I don’t much want to! Well, I would also love be an astronaut or a scientist but one dream at a time. 

fbj - ansel adams button - blogI love photography. Three years ago I quit my fulltime job in IT in pursuit of new horizons and photographing the world. I have since done some freelance IT-consulting to help pay the bills but my passion is truly photography. Travelling the world, capturing and creating images of untouched ethereally beautiful wide open spaces. I love being out in remote locations hunging for the perfect light and composition. I love capturing those fleeting moments of Mother Nature’s magic. I love studying the art of others, especially non-landscape photographer’s like the personal work of Joey L. Photojournalists and ethno-photographers and especially cinematographers are a great source of inspiration for me. So is other art, I love music, writing, reading, movies. I love the digital darkroom and all the creative tools available. I cherish receiving a gorgeous print from the lab and sending it off to a customer. I love when my stock images are sold for websites and magazines. I just simply love photography.

I want galleries around the world selling my art and I want books published. I want to build a large high quality stock library. I want to be Art Wolfe and travel to the edge with a camera crew documenting the journey. I want to create images that moves the viewer, shows how gorgeous and powerful Mother Nature is with an otherworldly twist.

Will it happen? Yes it will, some day. I have much to learn, but I am dreaming it, living it and I will make it happen!

I felt like sharing my passion today. Thanks so much for reading. If you wish, you can find more detailed info about me, my journey and my photography on the About page.


21 responses to “In pursuit of dreams

  1. Great story Bo and I feel that I to am metamorphisisng into a photographer from being a boat guru.

    I do the boat stuff coz it pays the buills and I do it well, but I no longer enjoy it!

    I feel at home when I either have a camera in hand or am working up images and then feel robbed when I have to fall back into boat world!

    We are 2 peas in a pod mate!

    Bring on PNG!

  2. Belief in yourself will get you there, looking forward to all the photographs along the way.

  3. Good on you Bo for following your dreams and passions.

    I wrote a post about why people don’t follow their dreams a couple of weeks ago. I hope it helps.



  4. top stuff Flem.
    you sure are creating your dreams and doing a good job at getting there.

    the second image reminds me of The Lion King movie haha.

    and who would have ever thought that you’d also want to be an astronaut!

  5. En superpost Flemming! Du har jo ret i det med at forfølge sine drømme – og jeg tænker, at jeg måske et eller andet sted ude i hemispheren har været med til at inspirere dig til denne post.

  6. Nice post Flemming!
    I always wanted to be an Astronaut too an be an ultimate Explorer of impossible places like the Moon and Mars. At least it makes for a nice day dream….

  7. Very inspiring…. I’d love to hear how you got to where you are now from working in IT – did you just teach yourself and experiment until you were taking photographs of professional standard? And how do you find work and travel? I’m very interested becasue I am at the start of my journey and all the options out there are quite overwhelming…

  8. Well put Flem-bob. Top post and inspirational in its own right ! I look fwd to our paths meeting in some wild place some day. 🙂

    • Cheers Tone, I also really look forward to meeting up. I will be in Australia again in November this year as the Papua New Guinea trip starts and stops in Cairns. After that I shall tour Australia a bit I think so might just drop by!

  9. Mate, your dreams are similar to a lot of us on here, only difference is that you are living it. Very inspiring.

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