Week of Wonders

It has been a wonderful week of photography and I have been especially lucky with the light and weather. I was at Grand Canyon just as a snow storm hit. As the 3 hour storm moved on, the sun returned and the light was most special, the otherworldly storm sunlight that I love. Two days later I captured sunlight beams in the famous ‘slot canyons’ of Antelope Canyon and I caught a nice sunset at Horseshoe Bend. I spent several days at one of my dream locations, Monument Valley and the sunrise especially was fantastic but also the storm clouds the next day was something to see. On the way to Moab, Utah I experienced the great pueblo ruins ‘House on Fire’ in Mule Canyon. Then on to Arches and Canyonlands National Park, I knew little of them but they really delivered. Canyonlands is more impressive than Grand Canyon I reckon and on both days I had fantastic clouds due to snow storms. A week of wonders and the landscape here in the southwest US is simply stunning.

The weather changes so rapidly up here in Northern Arizona and in Utah. I sunbaked one day lying on some very hot rocks and two days later I chased snowstorms in Arches National Park! Today’s image is that snowstorm, the clouds were massive and gorgeous and sandstone works so well in this sort of light. Here’s a little teaser, larger stitched panorama to come:

arches snowstorm - blog

My perfect weather would be a hot tropical climate with Australian outback clouds (you know them when you see them) for sunrise. Followed by a clear sky for sun worshipping all day long! Then, energized by the sun, I should like a storm front to move in with some otherworldly light and dramatic clouds. Keep the sun exposed though so it can light up the clouds at sunset. Then, post dusk, clear the sky again for some star trail shots and keep the temperature warm all night for nighttime shooting under a full moon. Too much to ask?

Having chased snow storms for two days in Arches and Canyonlands I had my shots and could take the cold no longer. There was frost on my car this morning, now that does not work for me! So I have moved south again, to Lake Powell in Page, Arizona, where it is warmer. Bryce Canyon, Death Valley, Yosemite etc. coming up! I look forward to Death Valley, my kind of place and my kind of temperature.

16 responses to “Week of Wonders

  1. thats awesome mate love that cloud formation

  2. Great image Bo…and very Bo is that image eh!

    Sounds like you are having fun and getting around as well!

  3. pretty nice Albert….. cant wait to see the rest when the new site is up
    cake over and out

  4. This is awesome with extraordinary lighting. Great photos. Di

  5. wauv, fantastisk kontrast.
    inviterer til frit fald.
    (Spændende med dybde, der er for “nedadgående” og ikke “bare” derudad”.

  6. Excellent pic! I know exactly where you took that from!

  7. oh man, looking forward to what you would have been capturing in those locations!! 🙂

    real nice shot here, good to see the Flem twist on the composition of another well shot location.
    i really like it man

  8. It sounds and looks like you are having some amazing experiences Flemming ! I love the drama in this one 🙂

  9. Like this Flemming, in your top 10 I’d say mate.

  10. Totally stunning shot…. best one I have seen in your collection so far. Hope this one makes the wall at home. I see it large on something like Kodak Metallic mounted on Aluminum.

  11. A really nice image Flemming, well done.

  12. I love the power of the storm here – great capture.

  13. wow, you are getting some great stuff, I have a lot of catching up to do.

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