Primary Colours at James Price Point

Last week in Broome, Western Australia, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Nigel Gaunt of Red Dirt Photography. In his 4WD we drove one hour North of Broome on a great orange outback dirt road taking us to the beautiful James Price Point, home of untouched beautiful coastline with deep ochre red rocks. And not a soul anywhere, well actually it was quite busy today as 3 other people was in a boat fishing!

I was lucky to visit this beautiful place last year as well, and get some great shots at high tide.  This time we caught James Price Point at low tide resulting in some brilliant reflections and the red rocks glowing alive at sunset. Nigel loves this place and I think he really considers it his spiritual home, it is a special and peaceful place that can offer a slice of magic and I agree with Nigel that James Price Point is truly special.

My best James Price Point image is from last year, but I am quite happy with this Primary Colours image (title thanks to my friend Signe):

James Price point shine - blog 

This is just a single image cropped, looking at it now I sort of wished I shot this stitched to get more pixels. I was in a hurry though, as the good light on the rocks fades so quickly and it is a race against time to capture a few images let alone stitched panos! I think I prefer James Price Point at high tide. Although the reflections at low tide are fantastic, high tides offers action with large waves beating against the coast; a terrific contrast to the peaceful rocks.

The pristine beautiful James Price Point will be one of the places affected by the LNG gas hub if it goes ahead. Needless to say Nigel is deeply involved in the fight to save it. I really hope this beautiful place is saved, I somehow fear that if the mining companies get their foot in the door here, Kimberley as we know it will be gone. I will end with a few links, and let you make up your own mind about the matter:

Save The Kimberley

Wilderness Society – Kimberley campaign

Hands off Country blog

14 responses to “Primary Colours at James Price Point

  1. Hi Bo,

    NIce colours mate! Those reds are really hard to capture eh as they are sooooo red!

  2. Not if it goes ahead,but when it goes ahead , its happening !!

    Nothing wrong with this one Flemming , but I prefer the other one like you do.

  3. Awesome colours! Can’t wait to get up that way. Hopefully before too much industrial influence!

  4. For up to date news and information about the proposal to build the biggest LNG precinct at Walmandan (James Price Point ) and the community of Broome’s struggle to ensure that it does not happen. visit

  5. Good thing you went ay??? Told you it would be worth it. Where are you now?

  6. nice Flem- very well controlled shot.
    and nice and simple as you love to get 🙂

  7. Kool colours Flemm, just as good as mine!! when i get round to processing it. lol
    A great day, sorry we could not do more.

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