Wyadup Rocks at sunrise

Sunrises. They can be flat and a pastel coloured version of boring. They can be beautiful. They just seem to happen at really inconvenient hours! Yeah I sound like a crybaby but seriously, I will never be a fan of getting up at 4.45am to catch a sunrise on the South West coast of Australia. Too bloody early for me. Unless the particular location has a coffee maker. Enough rambling. Glad I did the sunrise in Dunsborough. Me and my friend Signe met Christian Fletcher and True North Mark at Wyadup Rocks at 5.30am for a sunrise shoot. Them in their white 4WDs. We in our white rental Toyota Corolla (somewhat red after some dirt roads, please do not tell rental company!). We are ready!

Wyadup rocks proves a really nice location, lots of fun rocks to play with composition wise and some nice waves crashing ashore to stand in! I like to get up and close with the elements, so spend most of the time standing in the waves – getting soaked and also trying my best to get in the way of Mark and Christian shots! We had a fun sunrise shoot but the light was ordinary and I reckon the following image is the best of my not all that great sunrise shots. I like the wave action here and the view to pastel coloured infinity, Wyadup rocks pointing the way.

Wyadup Rocks sunrise - blog

And finally; my friend shot an image of me – I am in front – and Christian Fletcher – standing in the back – (I am sure SuperMark was off rock climbing somewhere!) at Wyadup. Thanks guys, was great fun!

 FBJ and Christian Fletcher -blog

Now; the following day I went back for sunset shots and that was another league altogether, off the scale – more to come!

14 responses to “Wyadup Rocks at sunrise

  1. the first one has a great sense of distance but they are both good

  2. The top image looks great Flemming, Nice movement in the water.

  3. Love your photos and equally envious of the life you are leading right now. I like the photo of the two photographers the best!

  4. those waves look like a cuddly doona!

  5. nice Flem, looks great- awesome wave action as you said!

    look forward to this killer sunset of yours too 🙂

  6. I haven’t looked at the pics from that morning yet. Like the water in your pic mate, nice and smokey!! Have to say the second shot is better…………..because I’m in it!! Great subject matter.

  7. First shot is Nice flem! so much you can do with those rocks at Wyadup, I think there is a lot of close up wide angle stuff here 🙂

  8. The second shot would have been better with me in it Bo!

    That would have probably made the horizon straight as well…:)!

    Great to see the horizon Nazi purposely posting a crooked horizon!

    • Signe says “SuperMark is faster than a speeding bullet, can’t capture him in an photo”. Personally I reckon I make the picture, don’t know why CF had to sneak in there as well 😀

      As for crooked horizon, crooked is the new level or something like that 🙂

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