Road Trips Rocks!

14 days, 2000 kms of great experiences and a new love for some fantastic locations in the south west of Western Australia. We went from Perth down the coast, round Cape Leeuwin to Denmark back to Dunsborough and up the coast again. Met up with Christian and Mike Fletcher and True North Mark in Dunsborough as well, and did a few great shoots together. Great to catch up guys!

I am presently in steamy hot sweaty and beautiful Broome in the tropical North West of Australia and now with some time to fight my way through my inbox and start uploading a few images as well. Stay tuned.

To all my fellow bloggers, my google reader tells me I have 629 unread items so I am somewhat behind on commenting. I doubt I will ever get up to date again, so I do apologise for missing a lot of posts and images from you! Having a lot of fun with offline life without internet though, very very good to cut down heavily on online life!

7 responses to “Road Trips Rocks!

  1. Now you’re just rubbing it in 😉 Especially since the stinkin’ hot weather has returned now that you’re not here!

    Have fun up in Broome. Are you headed anywhere in Oz after the Kimberlys?

    Hope to catch up with you the next time you’re in town.

  2. It would be great to be up there atm Flem ! I agree that it’s fantastic to be offline and enjoy the less technical and more traditional social communication forms from time to time. Very rewarding and satisfying 🙂

    enjoy mate !

    • thanks Tone! It has apparently been a weird wet season up here. About 4 mm of rain so far in February. We did get some awesome storm clouds yesterday and a bit of rain and lightning but still, just a teaser. Hoping to catch and shoot a big storm one of the coming days !

  3. Hey flemming you escaped without saying hello , ( disapointed) we should have had a get together somewhere with a few of us.

    You have missed the best of the weather mate, sunsets and 40deg days lately .

    Anyway have a great trip mate.

  4. good to catch up flemming, hey everyone he is taller than he looks.

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