100,000 views – thank you!

A few days ago it appears the hit counter for my blog passed 100,000. It is just a number but still, a good time to thank you all for following my blog! When I started this blog in June 2007 I just needed somewhere to post pictures and travel stories for friends to read – never did I imagine where it would take me!

100,000 x thank you in all the languages I know!
Tak, thanks, danke schön, selamat pagi, khob kun khrap, beier dankie, asante!

7 responses to “100,000 views – thank you!

  1. spasibo – in russian
    shukran – in arab
    grazias – in spanish

  2. Congrads buddy…a respectable milestone indeed!

    I am at 22,000 so far after 4 months, so pretty happy with that result as well!



  3. i’ve enjoyed following your journey 🙂 – so thanks for posting flemming

  4. nice work mate, you put a lot of effort into your blogging and keeping up with others blogs too so my hat is off to you.

  5. Congratulations Flemming – your blog is always a great read with excellent images. Keep it up when possible with your new journey. 🙂

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