Into The Nothingness

I am completely taken aback by wide open desolate spaces. The bigger, wider, more open, more desolate the better and it really does take my breath away. It is hard to describe this feeling I get from it but it is the sense of space, the openness and having no boundaries at all. Once I have accumulated a collection large and good enough I hope to share this love through exhibitions and books dedicated to Wide Open Spaces.

The image I wish to present today is from Namibia, from driving through the gravel desert in Namibia. Namibians has a nice expression for this – “Gramadulas” – basically meaning outback or middle of nowhere! You will not find a more barren vast area and I loved every second of this magnificent place. I am however somewhat curious if anyone but me likes this sort of stuff. Into the Wild does not really apply here as there is not a thing here and that is what makes it great. It is more appropriately Into The Nothingness!

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Gravel Desert Travelling
© Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

PS. I am posting slightly less and shorter than normal. Becoming a nomad and starting a new life is hard work and takes up a lot of time; leaving not as much time presently as I would like for blogging. Spare time needed!

11 responses to “Into The Nothingness

  1. I wanna visit Namibia sooo bad.

  2. Superstardom already huh?? You’ll have paparazzi after you if you don’t watch out 😉

    Did you find out what’s at the end of this road?

    • Superstardom, I don’t quite follow? Too early for me to read comments perhaps 🙂

      At the end of this road…more road 🙂 It does go from gravel desert to the mighty tall orange sand dunes of Naukluft National Park about 700 ks down this road!

  3. Incredible, could be on Mars if that road wasn’t there.
    Even though there is nothing to us, there probably is a plethora of life out there.

  4. Nice shot of a Baron landscape, the most open landscape Ive been to is the Serengeti but that was green :), There is something about open wide spaces that’s for sure.

  5. I feel for you Flemming, the nomad life style must be terrible! Great shot though, look forward to when you have those images together as you know how to make those baron landscapes look good.

  6. i can totaly sympathise on the lack of time to blog thing, i’ve been at my new job 3 weeks on wednesday & i’ve had no time for photography/blogging really 😦

    i’m impressed by your open landscape photos, makes me want to get out into the open

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