Into The Wild

I am shamelessly lifting the title from Jon Krakauer’s brilliant book and Sean Penn’s equally brilliant movie about Christopher McCandless. The title is just so fitting for my quest to photograph the world’s untouched, remote and desolate landscapes and for my “back to nature” obsession.

Tuesday I take off Into The Wild. Namibia is the first stop in the next 3 months of travel and photography work that will also take me to Australia and ultimately Borneo. On Borneo in June I am working for 2-3 weeks for United Plantations; shooting their plantations and surrounding jungle on Borneo, documenting their eco sustainable production of palm oil. A very interesting assignment; I will be working alongside a Danish reporter with film crew shooting a documentary, while I take care of the landscape stills.

But first up in two days is the amazing otherworldly dunes, deserts and landscapes of Namibia! Will be out of this world spectacular to shoot this:

Adventure and magical landscapes calls me. See you on the flipside!

Photo courtesy of Namibia Tourism Board –

28 responses to “Into The Wild

  1. that sounds exciting =D
    good luck man!!!

  2. Have fun and I’m sure you’ll get some great photos.

  3. Great movie and u should have a great time!! cant wait to see the shots!!

  4. unfortunatelly those palm oil plantations are the main reason for cutting down Borneo jungle.

    good luck with your trip!

    • Thanks very much and thanks for your comment!

      Re. the Borneo jungle, running a sustainable production is apparently a very high priority for United Plantations. But yeah I’m curious to see how they go about doing this as well, will be interesting indeed.

  5. Fantastic! See you tomorrow at 1pm!
    Tot siens!!!

  6. have a good time Flem.
    look forward to tuning into your travels!
    gets me out of this city life and “into the wild” briefly! 🙂

  7. > running a sustainable production is apparently a very high priority for United Plantations. But yeah I’m curious to see how they go about doing this as well, will be interesting indeed.

    it’s really good to hear that they care! at least they care.
    but still they need much land for plantations :-

    national park ranger told me it is very good business, so they don’t plan on stopping 😦

    however there are beautiful big buffalos in those plantations with birds riding on them 🙂

  8. Very jealous of the travels, sounds like it will be a great time. Enjoy the trip, looking forward to tuning in along the way and seeing the resulting photos. Back to the office for me tomorrow, bugger!


  9. That was an incredible movie (have yet to read the book); and that’s an incredible dune.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  10. Have a great trip, are you on Fletch’s Karajini Gig? If so I hope to see you there. Hope you get some good photos’.

  11. You make me very jealous Fleming! Have a great trip. May it be another step towards the “full time gig” Cheers 🙂

  12. Hi,
    Saw your Namibia trip and, as a Namibia fan I would like to suggest Damaraland as a photo destination, along with the dunes of course. There is hidden beauty there. I have also emailed you but got the auto reply. Enjoy your trip, Namibia is a comeback. Like the Outback.

  13. I am sure you’ll love this country, there’s something special in its spaces and people. If you only knew the story behind the dam on Kunene river… Anyway, want a taste tip? Go to the big super-market of Swakop, in the section of spices, and buy the one called Cajun Seasoning by The Cape Herb & Spice Company only (2 years ago it had a green label and grinder). If you like spicy and tasty, that’s the mix for almost everything. In the dull and gray days of North Europe, you won’t have only photos and memories but taste as well… 🙂

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