A month in upside-down country

I am just a few hours away from jumping on the Metro train to the airport and initiating the rather long line of events that will eventually see me touch down in Darwin, Australia on Friday!  I am spending 3½ weeks in the Kimberley area of Western Australia and Kakadu National Park in Northern Territory. Ending the trip with 5 days of holiday in Sydney with friends.

Here’s an old panorama of mine from the Kimberleys 10 years ago, I am very much looking forward to revisiting. Last time was during the wet season and a lot was flooded so it was hard to get anywhere; it was 50+ degrees some days and mozzies ruled the world! This time I’ll see much more and mozzies and weather will be slightly more humane!

Manning Gorge

Manning Gorge in Kimberleys, Western Australia
Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

I will blog as many travel tales as possible while I travel but I probably won’t be posting more than a few photos from the trip until I get back. I posted a lot of photos last year and it just turned out to be far too much work. Not enough hours in the day to shoot, write, sort through hundreds of RAW files every day, then develop and upload the photos and then publish them on my blog. I will concentrate on shooting and blogging; the developing of RAW files is much better done at home.

See ya on the other side!

4 responses to “A month in upside-down country

  1. You mean a month standing the right way up for a change hehe 🙂
    Travel safe and welcome back to West Aust

  2. Thanks mate I will! Presently made it as far as Singapore airport, now waiting 4 hours for a flight to Darwin. Singapore airport has free wifi though; very cool.

  3. No free wifi in australia 😦 one thing I dislike about the australian airports, have to keep using points to get into the lounges 😦

  4. Australia has figured out a way to make the internet profitable for sure! Every bloody where you go you have to pay for access, I especially hate hotels charging $25 for 24 hour access …that is such a rip-off!!!

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