Judgment Day

“There’s a storm coming” says the boy. “I know” says Sarah Connor at the end of one of my favourite movies – the sci-fi masterpiece The Terminator.

It wasn’t exactly followed by a nuclear launch and machines taking over the world, but the storm that hit Copenhagen on a Thursday night a few weeks ago still had a “end of the world” feel to it. A very dramatic cloudscape preceded the storm just at sunset and I picked a spot on the harbour with a wide open view of the sky and captured this:

Click to see large size on my gallery! Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Copenhagen Harbour Storm Panorama
Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

Standing at the harbour shooting this and watching the storm coming with not a soul to be seen anywhere I felt like saying another favourite Terminator quote “There’s not much time left in the world”!

The shot is 6 vertical images stitched in PTgui. I used a neutral density filter to lengthen exposure but then forgot I had the iso at 200…bugger! I wish the 5D would display iso in the viewfinder! The original shot had a sky that was more bluish and purple but I didn’t really like this colour and felt it didn’t go well with the orange colour of the sunset. So I desaturated most of the blues and cyans and then added a bit of a dark brown gradient fill layer to the clouds just to warm the gray clouds slightly. I feel the orange and black go much better together here. As the finishing touch I used my Wacom tablet to paint some light onto the buildings and added a couple of vignettes in Photoshop.

The end result is a dramatic stormy cloudscape view of Copenhagen – Judgment Day style without the robots though!


13 responses to “Judgment Day

  1. Wow … outstanding capture.

  2. jamiepatersonphotography

    Hi Flemming,

    I love this pic.

  3. brilliant mate, love the orange and reds in the sky and the grey clouds, great colour combinations

  4. Thanks very much Christian. I spent a long time working on it, something wasn’t right, clouds were ugly no matter what I did. Decided it would work much better with desaturated clouds creating a much better colour combo!

  5. Good stuff mate,

    I often get rid of the blues and cyans for shots like this too. The black certainly is what makes this photo.


  6. Outstanding shot Flemming. Seeing shots like this is why I continually browse these forums.

  7. Dylan – thanks and yeah works really well to desat the blues in the sky

    Luke, thanks very much mate!

  8. Great shot mate love the sky , nice work on the desat

  9. Gorgeous Flem time well spent on this image it has come out a pearler.

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