Country of Upside-Downers

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…or back in the outback at least…I am back!

On 27th of August I once again depart to rendez-vous with my soul in my second home, the country of Upside-Downers – Australia. I will spend about a month in “godsown” this time concentrating my shooting in the Kimberleys area in Western Australia where I’ll roam the outback for a bit more than two weeks. I will also revisit Hawk Dreaming in Kakadu National and then end up with a few days of visiting mates in Sydney. I may end up going to Broken Hill as well, presently contemplating this idea.

I cannot wait to re-visit the glorious outback in the Kimberleys. I have explored the area once back in 1998 (in the wet season no less but with no rain, just 52c degree sunny days!). This was before I was really into photography and only armed with an old Canon EOS 1000 SLR with one lens and some Fujichrome (and Aerogard for the mossies!). This time I will be armed to the teeth with a tonnes of Digital SLR gear! I have always wanted to go back and shoot here again because it is such a special place.

Here is my 1998 version of the famous Gibb River Road in the Kimberleys, a scan of an old worn down slide.


Gibb River Road in the Kimberleys.
Copyright Flemming Bo Jensen Photography

See ya soon all you upside-downers down under!

11 responses to “Country of Upside-Downers

  1. Hope you have a wonderful time in the Kimberly,can,t wait to see the shots you get.I am just back in OZ (with my Wacom tablet)marvellous tool,which I only got after seeing your work.We are heading up north in August and across to the NT,armed with new camera.So many fantastic things to photograph here,hope you have a really productive trip.

  2. Thanks very much Birte, yeah the Wacom is super. What camera did you get? Don’t tell me it’s a 1DsMKIII, I’ll be too jealous 🙂

  3. Yes thats the one,just checking some test shots I did today,detail is superb.I think it will be super for wildlife..If you are buying more camera gear check out Samy,s in LA,their prices are terrific compared to here,and I think they would be compared to Denmark as well.

  4. Congrats! Look forward to seeing some of your 1Ds shots on Pbase! I wish I could get it from the US, it seems to be selling at 8,000 USdollars in the US, it’s about 50,000 Danish kroner here (=10,500 USdollars) 😦

  5. jamiepatersonphotography

    Hi Flemming,

    If you are coming to Perth it would be catch up for a beer. I bet Neal (Spool Photography) would love to catch up as well. You can come and look at my 1Ds MkIII. 😉

    I’ll put a link to your blog on my blog tonight.

    Jamie Paterson

  6. Hi Jamie,

    Added a link to your blog just now. Unfortunately I won’t be in Perth this time – a beer and a 1Ds MkIII sounds tempting though:) We’ll have to catch up next time. I wanna do Perth in the Summer and then do the South-West and Southern coast, Australian Bight and Nullarbor Plains.

  7. jamiepatersonphotography

    Nullabor Plains are okay, there isn’t that much out there. I’d like to go to the Head of the Bight when all the Southern Right Whales are there.

  8. Desolate arid plains are my thing – the less there is the more I like it 😀
    See: One desert for me please!

  9. Mate,

    I travel to the Pilbara for work (not as high as the Kimberley) and there’s been a lot of rain up there this month so you should be in for some lush greenery. Great time to go, have fun on your trip.

  10. will be on the Gibb in under 2 weeks, cant wait!! I am going to go crazy!!

  11. James, thanks, sounds good with a bit of rain up there.

    Christian, leave a few shots for me will you? No? Ok, but then at least I can copy your shots 😀

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