Photography – the art of waiting!

There’s a certain element of luck in photography and by that I mean being in the right place at the right time. You can however tilt the odds strongly in your favour by being very prepared, study the light at different times of day…and most of all by being patient! This goes for all kinds of photography, if you’re shooting landscapes, people in the street or wildlife – you have to wait and wait for that shot to present itself. You may have to come back several days in a row to get that perfect shot in that perfect light. Then sometimes you think you have it and you arrive only to find some construction work going on with big cranes or scaffolding blocking your perfect shot (bloody bastards!) It is indeed the art of waiting!

Here’s a good example, I shot this last year in Brisbane (Australia…of course) and I waited for more than an hour for this shot, sitting on the lovely South Bank just watching the light and the clouds (it’s easier doing this on holiday where you’re not distracted by any real life things such as being at work etc!). It was overcast but I could see that if the sun would break through for just a bit it should be a nice shot. The sun did break through for about 1 minute, I was fully prepared and my patience was rewarded with this shot (click to see full size):
So get out there, cameras ready – and wait!

2 responses to “Photography – the art of waiting!

  1. Wow, nice shot! Makes me proud to live at South Bank.

  2. Kære Flemming
    Tak for linket!

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